What Does Feminism Stand For?

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, feminism is simply the belief in equality between men and women. That no one gender is superior to another. But today, some people have twisted this term to mean that women are better than men. They have added other connotations and ideas to feminism. Feminism today is often linked to all human rights. This includes same sex marriage, abortion rights and in the United States, the Democratic Party to name a few. Many people take offense and do not agree with the some of these ideas and because feminism is often linked to these ideas, they can take offense to feminism.

However, maybe in today’s times, feminism does stand for all human rights. Maybe feminism should include immigrant rights, abortion rights and worker rights. Maybe its okay that feminism stands for more than just the equality of men and women. Feminism has been blurred with egalitarianism. The two terms were never that different and what started as a fight for men and women spread to a fight for all people. For equal rights. For everyone. So does it really matter what we call it? Let’s just get out there and use our voices to spread the word. Because no matter what we call it, everyone deserves to have equal rights.


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